Track Financial Data (11/17)

Making time for a weekly and monthly financial review can help keep your business operations in check, ensure your services are priced right, and will help ease the burden of tax filings. Look at your cash flow and make sure clients are paying on time, create a plan for handling major upcoming expenditures, and know what your lines of credit are. If you see any expenses that are getting out of hand, come up with a plan to lower those costs. Look at where your sales are coming from, what your most popular are, and which sales tactics are working best.

Prioritizing the financial health of your company can lead to better business outcomes, help you establish important business credit, and build a strong foundation for future growth. If you’re ever unsure about a process or have a financial question, consult an expert. Accountants, lawyers, and tax professionals are all great resources.

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Written by Nathan Cullen

IT expert with passion for consuming complex tech, driving adoption among team, and leveraging the network for continued growth.

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