Surround Yourself With the Right People (12/17)

Independent contractors have to create their own network to provide the guidance and support they need. When you connect with people who believe in your vision and add them to your team, you set yourself up to make wise business decisions. Most freelancers find they need support from people in these roles:

An attorney: Your attorney can help you set up your freelancing business while also negotiating contracts on your behalf to provide you with legal protection.A marketing expert: You need clients for your products and services, and a savvy marketer can make sure your work is seen by the people who can hire you.An accountant: Tax advice and financial planning are key to the success of any freelance business, and you may need help keeping your financial house in order; working with easy-to-use accounting software like QuickBooks Online also smooths the way here.

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Written by Nathan Cullen

IT expert with passion for consuming complex tech, driving adoption among team, and leveraging the network for continued growth.

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