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by SRS Consulting Inc

The Web Application Development service from SRS brings your enterprise applications alive on the web, empowering your business to zoom ahead of the competition.


Efficient web application development is critical in today’s day and age of web ubiquity. Web Applications allow for agile collaboration, information sharing and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise. Examples include enterprise mashups, composite applications, SaaS applications, Web Services, etc.

Businesses are increasingly exerting more control over their work experiences, and expect business applications to adjust to the way they work, rather than the other way around. A large shift in enterprise application space is towards enabling businesses to independently define behaviors optimized to achieve their business objectives through process flows and metadata, rather than depend on technical personnel and narrow host applications with hardwired logic and service capabilities.

With new influences like RIAs, Ajax user interfaces, wikis, blogs, composite applications and mashups, enterprise applications today usher in emerging technologies into the enterprise application space and create innovative and competitive solutions. Enterprise applications extend the experience of the social web into this space, leveraging its flexibility and agility to significantly drive up the business impact.

The Web Applications Development Team at SRS specializes in AJAX, PHP, Java, Flash, Python and Flex based rich internet application (RIA) techniques and continuously adopts best-practices from the industry to deliver technically superior yet easy-to-use solutions that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.

We synergize rich internet applications (RIAs) with strategic business objectives. We develop advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We deliver highly scalable, secure and reliable enterprise web solutions.

SRS intelligently leverages Web best practices and strategic prioritization to help enterprises reach their customers; better understand and manage their web presence; and refine operational practices to stay ahead of the competition.

To know more about our Web Applications Development practice and how we can help your organization successfully leverage web technologies to achieve its business objectives, get in touch with us today.


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