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Studies show that ROI per dollar in User Experience nearly doubles as productivity and user satisfaction go up and learning efforts and user errors go down. The SRS UI Design Practice helps clients crack the Usability vs. Appeal conundrum.


Proven processes and methods are the basis for us leading our customers to the next level of user experience. Our experts are recognized specialists with a track record of solving real-world problems effectively and efficiently. Our UI Design solutions help clients achieve real, measurable difference in terms of reduced costs, increased sales, and increased productivity.

Good Technology implementations alone are not always enough to ensure user acceptance and subsequent marketability. The User Experience, or how the user experiences the end product, is the key to acceptance. And that is where User Interface Design enters the design process. While product engineers focus on the technology, usability specialists focus on the user interface. For greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness, this working relationship should be maintained from the start of a project to its roll-out.

SRS UI design service is focused on creating engaging, intuitive, user friendly and easily maintainable application interfaces. Our talented team of designers focuses on enhancing user experience, ensuring usability across diverse set of users.

Our approach is to create a logical flow of different screens. A wire-frame is created to provide a layout sketch of the look, behavior and flow of data. Wire-frames will include annotations for specific functionality to be used by the development team. Prototyping can be done in preparation for usability tests. A few different types of prototypes that can be created are in Flash, SilverLight, HTML / CSS and click-able PDF.

For more information about how our Application UI Design practice can help your organization develop new applications or modify existing applications to ensure best-in-class User Experience, get in touch with us today.


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