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Our passion and intense focus on helping clients usher in a positive change in how they run their business is the hallmark of our Program Management Practice.


Our Program Management Practice is a superset of our Project Management Practice and differs from it in the sense that it typically involves several parallel projects being implemented simultaneously. As businesses become more competitive, they are starting to realize that traditional project management practices applied to individual projects don’t quite add up. The sum of parts is consequently less than the whole. This is where SRS, with a thorough understanding of program management practices and processes steps in to maximize the pay off from your technology investments.

Program management plays a major role in ensuring that all projects meet operational, cost, and time goals. In a complex business scenario, effective program management can help control and manage dependencies across multiple project implementations.

SRS ensures that an organization’s technology investments are strategically aligned with the overall business objectives. Every potential investment is analyzed and prioritized to maximize its business value for the organization.

Our approach to program management is multi-faceted. The pillars of our program management practice are:

  1. Governance: Defining roles and responsibilities, and providing oversight
  2. Management: Planning and administering both projects and the overall program
  3. Financial management: Implementation of specific financial practices and controls
  4. Infrastructure: The program office, technology, and other factors in the work environment supporting the program effort
  5. Planning: Activities that take place at multiple levels, with different goals. The program plan is not a traditional project plan

Our Program Management Practice helps organizations helps customers adapt to changing industry dynamics, establish standards, policies, and procedures, prioritize IT investments, measure RoIT, define and implement project management processes, audit and improve management practices, conduct technology audits, mentor staff, and provide risk mitigation strategies.

To find out how our Program Management practice can help your organization get in touch with us today.


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