Mobile Networking

by SRS Consulting Inc


DataCom Technologies:

  • USB, IP Services, network design and integration.
  • In WLAN : working with Chipsets through well known firms.

Network signaling Technology:

  • LTE, 4G, 3G.
  • Experience with network analyzers.
  • Design, development and testing Layer 1 & Layer 2 and 3

Network Security:

  • Unified Threat Management
  • Intrusion Prevention/ Intrusion Detection
  • Firewalls/ VPN

Software Platform Services:

  • OS porting to HW and experience in vxWorks, Nucleus, Embedded Linux and STE mobile platform.

Network Management:

  • Exposure to Network Management Protocols like CMIP,SNMP
  • Distributed Network Management.
  • Setting up of Proxies

Platform Porting:

  • Software Migration
  • Database Migration
  • Porting across different platforms
  • Application re-engineering

Wireless Networks:

  • Element Mangers to monitor and maintain wireless networks running on 2G and 2.5G based networks.

Mobile Computing:

  • Mobile application testing plays a crucial role in meeting the defined standards of the mobile market.


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