Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

by SRS Consulting Inc

The SRS ERP Consulting Practice helps both private and public sector organizations plan, deploy, and maintain their ERP systems and realize increased benefits and complete the transition to being an intelligent organization.


Organizations today are no longer monolithic entities. Globalization has forced enterprises to change into distributed value networks. This makes it important to ensure that these geographically distributed entities stay connected in the form of an extended enterprise ecosystem. Enterprise applications allow for a seamless integration of distributed business units and their supply chains.

The fact that ERP systems deliver significant business value by streamlining and integrating business processes for an organization is well established. However, in order to optimize the value generated by an ERP system, an organization has to successfully overcome challenges of support, upgrades, risk mitigation, change management, integration, and cost-schedule overruns. This is where the SRS ERP Practice steps in. We partner organizations and help drive up the returns on ERP investment by way of process improvement, enhanced productivity, and increased contribution to bottom line.

The SRS ERP Practice is geared to provide best-in-class implementations based on our deep technology expertise, a well grounded understanding of business processes, and industry-wide best practices. We provide ERP solutions that are completely aligned to your strategic business objectives and help you create a significant competitive advantage for yourself

Our turnkey ERP services start with assessing and analyzing the existing business and technology strategy and determining the need-gaps. We then help you select the ERP system most suited to your needs. The implementation process then kicks in and moves from scoping, engineering, deployment, and rollout across all sites.

With impeccable documentation and knowledge management along each step, we make sure that the transition of your workforce to the new system is as smooth as possible. Once up and running, we help organizations by making sure that the ERP system is well maintained and always available. Thanks to our global delivery model, we’re able to provide best-in-class services and performance levels.

Our ERP Practice offers services like:

  • Strategy and Need gap analysis – To establish a business case for an ERP deployment
  • Selection – Selecting an ERP package best suited to the organization’s needs
  • Implementation – Deployment of the ERP solution
  • Custom Engineering – Developing custom applications for the ERP solution
  • Change Management and Training – Ensuring a smooth transition of your workforce to the new system
  • Maintenance and support – Making sure that your ERP system is always available
  • ERP Database Support – Making sure your business critical information is optimized for best performance


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