Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DWBI)

by SRS Consulting Inc

Turning data into actionable insights, the SRS DWBI suite empowers you with the ability to effectively negotiate data challenges and give your business the distinctive edge over your competition.


Businesses today generate enormous volumes of data through different systems, applications, and processes. Ideally this data should serve as the input for business decisions. However, most times this data, because it resides in disparate systems/locations, is either under-utilized or not utilized at all. In this day and age of data centricity, business decisions can only be as good as the data they’re based on. Consequently, bridging the gap between generated data and actionable insights becomes critical.

The SRS DWBI suite addresses this mission critical facet through a fresh approach to the design, development, deployment, and management of Business intelligence systems. Our DWBI services ensure the availability of business-critical information to your organization’s key decision makers in the form that’s relevant to them. We do this by synergizing industry-wide best practices, technical expertise, and an intelligent approach to advanced multidimensional statistical methods.

The SRS DWBI services are specifically designed to give your organization a clear competitive edge and allowing you to make well informed decisions to substantially enhance your bottom-line profitability. We don’t look at DWBI as software but rather as a critical cog of business strategy which must be customized to an organization’s need. We map an organization’s data sources and come up with optimal warehousing and intelligence systems to make sure that you’re able to leverage the data and maximize the business impact of strategic decisions.

Our DWBI services are designed to significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership while ensuring the quickest Time-to-Value for business intelligence that impacts your bottom line.

For more information about our DWBI services and to find out how we can work with your organization, just get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


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