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Social media profiles are important for building a professional brand. Social networks have large communities and you should be active in the ones that are important for professionals (LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc.), but having your own website is just as or more important.

We just talked about being memorable and taking things at least one step further than everyone else in your industry. Having a website is one step you can take that some people aren’t willing to take. Many do have websites, but many don’t and it’s an area you’ll need if you want to have a memorable personal brand.

In the next chapter we will discuss about building your personal assets including your website so stay tuned for more details, but know that a website is a requirement for building your personal brand. The website will need a professional design and content on the about page that effectively describes who you are and what you have to offer. You will also use your website to showcase your portfolio of work that we’ve covered and it’s where you’ll host your blog.

Here are our personal websites:

We’ll talk about these more in the next chapter, but you’ll notice that each website is professionally designed. Each has professional headshots as well as professional branding and logos. If you want to be recognized as a brand you have to do all the branding for yourself including professional design.

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