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It’s not too often that your casual photos will look professional enough to impress people. Even if you’re pretty good with your smartphone, that selfie won’t do for a professional photo to represent your brand. Even the photos your spouse, family member or friend takes likely won’t cut it. It’s worth the investment to have a professional photographer setup a shoot and take a few headshots. You want the photo to show who you are. If you want to be an executive you’ll want to wear a suit or proper business attire. The photographer will know how to setup the lighting and how to edit the photo to make you look professional.

Professional photography can be expensive. A photo shoot can cost sever hundred dollars. You’re taking up the photographer’s time and when it comes to finding a better job and moving up in the world, it’s worth a few hundred dollars to create a photo that will help get you where you want to go.

Pay the money if you can afford it. If it’s out of your budget, find a photographer that will work on trade. Offer to do some kind of work that they need in exchange for their work. You might be able to do some accounting work. Maybe you can write a few blog posts for their blog. Do yard work around their house if you have to. It is worth it to have a professional photo that you can use for years on all of your branding material including a well designed website, social media profiles and more.

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