Plot the Customer Journey and Create a Journey Map (4/6)

One of the most effective ways to improve the level of customer experience your organisation is providing is by taking the time to plot out all of the key touchpoints a customer can go through on their journey towards making a purchase and remaining a loyal customer. Then, create a comprehensive journey map.

Within the process of journey mapping, you should not only gain a clear idea of what is happening at each stage of the customer experience, you should also gain genuine insight into how your customers feel about the ‘defining moments’. This will allow you to understand what customers’ impressions are and when they are formed.

Once it has been created, the journey map can be used to help to align different departments, so that collaboration is enhanced, and to tailor your customer service coaching efforts, so that customer service reps, marketing reps and sales reps are receiving the most relevant information and advice for improving the CX.

At present, however, even ‘leader’ organisations are not especially great when it comes to journey mapping. Nevertheless, it was the area of CSO Insights’ 2018 Customer Experience Study which saw the biggest disparity between ‘leader’ and ‘laggard’ organisations – a 28 percent difference in adoption.

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