Participate in Twitter Chats — or Start your Own (6/15)

Twitter used to be my favorite social media platform, and Twitter chats back in the day — especially in the online marketing industry — offered a tremendous amount of value. Twitter’s newest changes have me interested in getting active again, and participating in Twitter chats once again. David Baddeley, director of, says, “Twitter chats were immensely popular years ago and have started to become popular one again, which I attribute to the recent increased interest in the new 280-character limit. The easiest way to find relevant Twitter chats to participate in is by following the most influential people in your industry. “They are usually weekly events that last for 30 to 60 minutes, and feature a specific hashtag, which is how participants follow and engage with the discussion. Answering questions and providing value is an easy way to help strengthen your personal brand.”

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