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It’s easy to say that one should “be memorable”. Most of us want to be memorable, but we also recognize that it’s not as easy to do, as it is to say. The fact is that to move up in the world and to achieve your new career goals you will have to be memorable especially to the people that will play a role in your ascension.

There are lots of ways to be memorable. You can’t do them all so the best way to be memorable to people is to do things that are unordinary as part of your regular routine. These things will be regular to you, but seen as different and therefore memorable to the people you encounter.

In business, people that take things a little further are memorable. Think of the typical job application process. 95% of the applicants will send their resumes, letters and do the interviews. The 5% that are memorable are the ones that further investigate the company and provide a proposal on how they can help the company increase sales and profit. They’re also the people that send a follow up thank you note after the interview.

You can also be memorable by having a unique hobby. Earlier we went through the exercise of identifying your passions including the things you like to do outside of work. It’s good to have hobbies and it’s good to share stories from those hobbies with the people you meet. Instead of just another candidate for a job you will be the candidate that has a flourishing vegetable garden or the candidate that plays jazz piano at local lounges on the weekends.

To be memorable, go one step further in your relationships than others typically go. That will make you stand out and be passionate about your passions in life. You don’t need to do something crazy, but talk about your hobbies with the people you meet. They will be more likely to remember more about you if they actually know more about you.

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