Invest in professional photography (12/15)

I use the same headshot everywhere — from my social media profiles to my author bios — and that consistency is key if you are serious about building a strong personal brand. My photo is almost two years old, so I plan on knocking some new ones out in the early part of the new year. Aside from being professional pictures, I also think they should be fairly current in terms of appearance. “If you want to have your personal brand taken seriously,” Vijay Nair, CEO of Sleepaider, says, “you need to use a professional headshot across all of your social media profiles and online accounts. Rather than snapping a selfie with your iPhone camera, spend a couple hundred dollars to have professional headshots taken in a studio. Your personal brand will look much more professional, and when your audience starts to see the same picture on several platforms and in the media, they begin to take notice and take what you have to say more serious. A low-quality headshot can immediately tarnish your personal brand.”

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