Implement a Voice of Customer (VoC) Programme (3/6)

The next customer experience best practice that was highlighted in the study was the need to implement a robust ‘Voice of Customer’ programme, which involves consistently gathering feedback and opinions from customers, so that you have the information necessary to understand the experience you are currently providing.

Even among ‘leader’ organisations, only just over half (52 percent) have a Voice of Customer programme in place, which they say effectively gathers information and allows them to understand their experience. With that said, this is double the number of ‘laggard’ organisations who report the same, but it shows room for improvement.

CSO Insights also found that 52 percent of ‘leader’ organisations say that they use VoC data to continuously improve their business practices. However, among ‘laggard’ organisations, that number is only 23 percent.

When organisations become effective at collecting VoC data consistently and using it to inform their business practices, they can take steps to improve customer service skills through activities like customer service coaching, using insight from the people that really matter – the customers – to inform their strategy.

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