Executive Ownership of the Customer Experience (1/6)

In order to deliver the very best customer experience, it is imperative that you gain executive buy-in and, beyond that, executive ownership of the customer experience. Indeed, according to the findings published in the CSO Insights 2018 Customer Experience Study, there is a link between this approach and CX success.

The study itself divided organisations into two groups: ‘leader’ organisations, who had experienced an increase in customer satisfaction over recent years, and ‘laggard’ organisations, whose customer satisfaction levels had either remained the same or declined in the years prior to their participation in the study.

Among the ‘leader’ group, 73 percent stated that their senior leaders viewed customer loyalty as the core to business success and 56 percent said their leaders budget the money and resources needed to improve the customer experience. Among ‘laggard’ companies, these figures were 56 percent and 26 percent, respectively.

It is only when executive ownership exists that a truly cross-functional approach can be adopted. The CSO Insights study also found that among organisations with a CX owner at executive level, who budgeted money and other resources, and with a cross-functional team in place, 85 percent improved customer satisfaction in the past year.

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