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Just like with any project, your CX strategy needs to be evaluated regularly to measure its outcomes. It will also evolve through the years based on your customer needs; hence, you need to keep tab of the KPIs. This ensures your CX process adapts to changes and provides long-term ROI.

Measure the right CX metrics. KPIs vary per business, but the general metrics include customer satisfaction rating, churn rate, monthly/annual revenues and repeat sales.Benchmark goal vs. outcomes. Once you have your KPIs neatly pressed, mash them with your original goal. This tells you if the strategy is a success, needs improvement or failing.Analyze internal controls. This means analyzing the processes in each department and measuring how much each team contributes to the overall CX value.Run periodic analytics. Regular reporting enables data-driven decisions, helping you to steer your CX strategy toward the right direction. For example, if customer satisfaction is falling at the same time as ticket volume is increasing, maybe it’s time to expand the support team. A robust help desk like HubSpot Service Hub equips you with reporting tools that capture critical insights at once and help you put the KPIs on track.

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