Create a Standalone Personal Website (4/15)

As I mentioned above, I have a new personal website launching soon. With several brands and ventures these days, I feel that a personal website will help my personal brand. I will be leveraging it to push people to my various brands and also attract inbound inquiries about new ventures. “It’s very hard to build your personal brand,” says Ben Larcey, co-founder of StoreKit, “if you are constantly tied to your company’s marketing. Blogging on your company website or being the voice of your company’s social media profiles can be good for your business, but if you are serious about building a brand built around you, then you need to take steps to separate your business and personal brand. “A simple website with an ‘About’ page and a blog is all you need to get started. Start to consistently blog and share that content across your personal social media profiles. If it’s available, opt for a first name + last name dot com domain.”

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