Broad portfolio of managed services aligned to your business (8/10)

Because your business and IT needs are continually changing, you want the flexibility to add managed services without adding unnecessary cost and complexity to your sourcing strategy. Many organizations find that services fragmentation—using multiple managed services vendors—can become costly and complex. Although sourcing by process may seem optimal because it allows you to hire “best of breed” for a particular activity, it can perpetuate silos, hinder agility and make change more difficult. To preserve future flexibility, require that any prospective provider offer a thorough suite of managed services, from infrastructure management and managed security, resilience, mobility and other IT services to managed hosting and cloud. Also, look for a provider that offers flexibility in doing business with you, such as giving you the option to retain your current equipment and, where it makes sense, your current processes. Managed services can also offer a new financial approach to deploying IT capability. Your chief financial officer (CFO), for example, might want a managed services provider that can offer a pay-per-use option, allowing the enterprise to scale up or down to match business requirements.


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