Amplify your Blog Post across Content Discovery Channels (5/15)

This is something I do with a lot of my consulting clients. We push content through paid distribution channels to get it immediate traction. The views and social shares you collect using this strategy also act as social proof. Mark Feygin, co-founder of PowerSetter, says, “In order to build a strong personal brand that can then be leveraged, you need to build a following. Whether your goal is to build a strong social media following or a more in-depth CMS data base, you need to put valuable information in front of your target audience. “Blogging is great, but only if people are reading and engaging with your content. One of the easiest ways to get out there, even if your website traffic is low, is to amplify your content through a discovery channel, such as Outbrain or Taboola. You only pay when someone clicks-through and you can start with a very small budget.”

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Written by Atlas Solutions Group

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