Align Customer Experience With Your Brand Promise (2/6)

Another of the most important best practices is to create a brand promise – essentially, the experience that you promise to deliver your customers each time they interact with your business – and model your CX strategy to ensure that you live up to this promise consistently.

In total, 65 percent of businesses classed as ‘leader organisations’ have a clearly defined and well communicated idea of what the ideal customer experience looks like. By comparison, just 38 percent of ‘laggard’ organisations say the same. Establishing a brand promise and aligning CX to this can help to provide greater clarity.

In addition, the aforementioned CSO Insights 2018 Customer Experience Study found that 63 percent of leader organisations deliver a consistent experience, which lives up to their brand promise.

As an additional incentive to achieve this, the CSO Insights 2017 World-Class Sales Practices Study found that organisations who had a brand promise in place and felt they consistently lived up to it saw higher win rates, quota attainment and revenue results than organisations who did not feel this was the case for them.

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