The Top 6 Types of Brands

Establishing a target audience is the first step towards creating an effective branding strategy, and that is where all these types of brands come into play as each one appeals to a particular customer group or segment.

#1 Personal brand

A person can be considered a brand. Typically comprised of one individual, as in the cases of Oprah Winfrey or Mick Jagger. People build personal brands mainly to increase the number of their career options.

#2 Product brand

The most common type of brand is a tangible, individual product, such as a car or drink. This can be very specific, such as the Kleenex brand of tissues, or it can encompass a wide range of products. Product brands can also be associated with a range of offerings, such as the Mercedes S-class cars or all varieties of Colgate toothpaste.

#3 Service brand

Similar to product brands, but involves adding perceived value to services. More difficult in some ways than developing a product brand, because the offering itself is less tangible. Useful in areas like professional services.

#4 Corporate brand

Otherwise known as the organizational brand. David Aaker puts it very well: “The corporate brand defines the firm that will deliver and stand behind the offering that the customer will buy and use.”

#5 Investor brand

Normally applied to publicly listed brands and to the investor relations function. Positions the listed entity as an investment and as a performance stock, blending financials and strategy with aspects such as value proposition, purpose and, increasingly, wider reputation via CSR. As Mike Tisdall will tell you, done well, a strong investor brand delivers share price resilience and an informed understanding of value.

#6 Employer brand

The ability of a company to attract high quality staff in much-touted competitive markets. Often tied to an Employee Value Proposition. Focuses on the recruiting process though it is sometimes expanded to include the development of a healthy and productive culture.

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