Sales Operations Consulting

Our Story

Atlas Solutions Group is a global sales consulting firm based in Silicon Valley. Atlas works with Sales Operations to strategically align company priorities, project portfolio, and resource mixture to optimize delivery timelines and ROI.

Garrett Maire
Co Founder / CEO at Atlas Solutions Group, Inc.

Sales Leadership

Helping clients maximize opportunities others don’t see by driving engagement and performance.

Sales Operations

Helping mid-market & enterprise sales organizations run effectively, efficiently and in support of business strategies and objectives.

Sales Coaching

Delivering sales automation best practices with exceptional coaching and training to sales teams and leadership.


"Garrett could be described as Cisco's very own encyclopedia - he is the fountain of all knowledge and is always willing to provide assistance and guidance when asked."
Karen Wright
Senior Programme Manager
"Garrett was a young, rising star at BCI, showing a confidence and expertise well beyond his age. My work with him showed me a clear thinker with a good sense of humor and a great work ethic. I hold him and his work in the highest regard."
Matt Bryant
Manager Communications
"Garrett is an outstanding leader and hustler. His sales skills drive success in startups, mid-market and enterprise organizations."
Nate Cullen
Growth Marketing Consultant