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CRM Comparison – Salesforce vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Salesforce vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

For businesses in any industry, customer relationship management software helps to manage various bits of information, improve communications, and encourage customer retention. Choosing the right CRM software means considering what is most cost effective. Two popular programs include Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics; each has similar functions while there are some differences your business needs to consider before making an investment. Cost, functionality, and business demands are just a few factors to think about.

How Do Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems Help Marketers?

By using a customer relationship management system, marketers have access to a resource of organized information. Marketing professionals have a database of sales prospects, and can track the progress and success of campaigns. Various automation tools are available depending on the CRM system they are using. The goal of an effective one is to save on time, costs, and difficulties of managing large quantities of data.

How Do You Implement an Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System?

Setting up an effective CRM system takes patience that ultimately saves on costs and time. While implications of the new technology need to be considered, customizing the software to business rules, managing information, and training are also important factors. Rushing any stage of the implementation will negatively affect the outcome of the project; here are some important aspects to focus on.

Why should my company use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?

Communication between a company and its customers occurs through various means, and involves disparate data sources if the information is not managed carefully. Customer relationship management systems provide a solution to sharing, managing, and best using customer information, including contact details and purchasing habits. Just by logging into such systems, sales, marketing, and other employees can better communicate with each other and with customers.


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